Victra RC-1

DOT-approved R compound optimized for the weekend warrior

  • DOT-Approved R compound
  • UTQG: 100 A A
  • Operating Temperature: 140°F - 210°F
  • Sizes: 15" - 18"
  • This product is excluded from the Maxxis Automotive Warranty

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As a tire company with championships in multiple disciplines, Maxxis is proud to introduce the Victra RC-1: A tire built by racers, for racers. Whether you're a club racer, track day enthusiast or an enduro racing warrior, the RC-1 was designed to deliver outstanding results in dry conditions while retaining excellent heat-cycle performance. The development team started with a pattern that eliminates annoying tread-squirm and focused on delivering a tire that has great steering response, smooth break-away characteristics and consistently fast lap times. Maxxis engineers also used high-end raw materials to ensure superior durability throughout the life of the tire. So join the champions who have won on Maxxis and experience the new benchmark in bragging rights per dollar - the Victra RC-1. Please visit for more details. Recommended for DRY COMPETITION EVENTS ONLY


Part Number Size Service Description Sidewall Max PSI Max Load (lbs) Measuring Rim Width (in) Tread Depth (in)
TP01190100 205/50ZR15 86W BSW 51 1168 6.5 6/32
TP01010100 225/45ZR15 87W BSW 44 1201 7.5 6/32
TP01536100 245/40ZR15 88W BSW 51 1235 8.5 6/32
TP01020100 225/45ZR17 94W BSW 50 1477 7.5 6/32
TP01206100 235/40ZR17 90W BSW 51 1323 8.5 6/32
TP00309100 245/45ZR17 99W BSW 50 1709 8 6/32
TP00308100 275/35ZR17 94W BSW 44 1477 9.5 6/32
TP01401100 275/40ZR17 98W BSW 44 1653 9.5 6/32
TP01357100 235/40ZR18 91W BSW 44 1356 8.5 6/32
TP00190100 265/35ZR18 97W BSW 50 1609 9.5 6/32
TP00499100 275/35ZR18 99W XL BSW 50 1709 9.5 6/32