Victra MA-Z4S

All season ultra high performance with premium construction

  • Solid center rib designed for high-speed stability
  • V-shaped unidirectional grooves for improved handling on dry and wet roads
  • Multiple snow-biting grooves and optimal siping design for great traction on snowy surfaces
  • 4 high-void, circumferential main grooves expel water for enhanced wet traction
  • 5-pitch tread blocks and 2-in-1 groove designs minimize noise for a quiet, comfortable ride
  • UTQG 420 AA A

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ALL-SEASON ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE RADIAL With a solid center rib, V-shaped aggressive tread pattern design, and silica tread compound, the MA-Z4S Victra offers superior dry and wet traction, good fuel economy, and excellent handling capability. This unidirectional, ultra high performance all-season tire has a low aspect ratio and inch-up sizes. The multiple snow-biting grooves and optimal siping design offer great traction on snowy surfaces.


Part Number Size Service Description Sidewall Max PSI Max Load (lbs) Measuring Rim Width (in) Tread Depth (in)
TP39718000 215/45R16 86W BSW 44 1168 7 10/32
TP00380800 195/55R16 91V XL BSW 50 1356 6 10/32
TP00062200 285/45R19 111V XL BSW 50 2403 9.5 10/32
TP43155000 225/55ZR19 99W BSW 51 1709 7 10/32
TP45422000 315/35ZR20 110W XL BSW 50 2337 11 11/32
TP00306700 245/45R20 99W BSW 51 1709 8 10/32
TP00338300 245/50ZR20 102W BSW 51 1874 7.5 10/32
TP00230200 255/50ZR20 109W XL BSW 50 2271 8 10/32
TP43300100 255/55ZR20 110W XL BSW 50 2337 8 10/32