In a winning weekend for Maxxis which included an XC2 podium sweep, Walker Fowler took his fourth victory of the season at GNCCpresented by Maxxis Round 8. The race, the John Penton, was held June 6 in Millfield, Ohio.

Round 8 started on a high note for Maxxis when Chris Bithell of Bithell Racing/Maxxis/Precision took the holeshot and held the lead for the first two laps. Fowler grabbed the lead after the second lap, and held it for the remainder of the race after the fourth lap. The N-Fab/AmPro Yamaha/Maxxis/Lonestar rider finished 31 seconds ahead of the next racer, and was joined on the podium by fellow Maxxis rider Brycen Neal. Neal, of Maxxis/B. Neal Motorsports, took third place in XC1 Pro with a pass in the last lap. Landon Wolfeand Chris Borich took the fourth and fifth place slots for Maxxis. Fowler, Neal and Borich are second, third and fourth in XC1 points.

In XC2 Pro Am, Cole Richardson racked up his seventh win in eight races, and finished third overall. Cody Collier took his sixth podium of the year with a second-place finish, and Fowler’s fellow Yamaha rider Blake Tornes sealed Maxxis’ class podium sweep with third place. Richardson and Collier are first and second in points for the class, and Tornes is fifth.

One Maxxis victory during the weekend made history, as Korie Steede became the first girl ever to win the Super Mini 12-13 moto class.

Maxxis congratulates Walker Fowler, Cole Richardson and Korie Steede on their victories and thanks all of its riders for their fine performances.

Photo Credit: GNCC


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