For the tenth consecutive year, Maxxis will be the title sponsor of the NEATV-MX series. Set in the Northeast U.S., this exciting series runs from April through September. Fans in the region are getting ready to cheer ten rounds of motocross and seven rounds of cross country from the series in 2015.

NEATV-MX President Howard Payne praised the company’s support of the series: “Maxxis is a true leader in the industry; they have been with us as a sponsor since 2003, and became the title sponsor some years later. They have been the main reason NEATV can continue to support the growth of the sport in both motocross and cross country ATV racing.”

Maxxis officials say that their involvement with the series has been a win-win. “We are pleased to have this long-lasting relationship with the series,” said Heather Avery, a senior sales coordinator at Maxxis. “We’re also very excited to be entering our tenth year as the main sponsor, and to again have our great contingency program for racers.”

For more information on this thrilling series, please visit more info at Information on Maxxis' contingency program for ATV racers is located here: /other-atv-information/atv-contingency-programs

Dates and locations for the series’ ATV MX races are listed below:

April 18/19 - AK Farms
May 2/3 – Southwick MX338
May 23/24 - Hurricane Hills
June 6/7 - Twister Valley
June 20/21 - Thunder Ridge
July 18/19 - Capeway Rovers MX
August 8/9 -Royal Mountain
August 22/23 - Twister Valley
September 5/6 - Hurricane Hills
September 26/27 - AK Farms

Dates and locations for the series’ XC races are listed here:

April 18 - AK Farms
May 23 - Hurricane Hills
June 6 - Twister Valley
June 20 - Thunder Ridge
August 22 - Twister Valley
September 5 - Hurricane Hills
September 26 - AK Farms


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