Maxxis to Award Generous Contingencies in ARA and NASA Series (1)

Drivers gunning for the podium in American Rally Association (ARA) and National Auto Sport Association (NASA) races have extra incentive this year: Maxxis will offer generous tire contingencies to racers in both series. The company’s 2018 payouts will award premium-quality Maxxis tires to drivers across a range of classes and events.

NASA’s drivers on Maxxis can win four tires for victory in a national championship race, with two awarded for second place and one for a third-place finish. In non-national challenge events, first-place drivers can earn two tires, and second and third-place drivers can receive one tire each.

In ARA, contingencies will be offered to drivers on Maxxis in the Open 4WD, NA 4WD, Limited 4WD, Open 2WD, and Limited 2WD classes. Winners in each class can earn four tires per event. Second-place drivers can earn three tires and third-place racers will receive two, while a fourth-place finish secures one.

Additional conditions apply for Maxxis’ contingencies in both series. To learn more, please visit and

Don’t miss out! Drive to the podium on Maxxis tires to take home these generous contingencies!

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