Fans of mountain biking can catch all the action as Maxxis partners with Freehub Magazine to present Peak to Creek, a miniseries chronicling construction of a state-of-the-art MTB trail. 

The miniseries, which premieres November 4 with new episodes offered every two weeks, lets viewers come along for the ride as the trail near Retallack Lodge in British Columbia, Canada is professionally built. “We hand-picked a crew from the United States and Canada to construct an all-mountain bike trail that showcases the hands-on experience and dialogue that embodies the process of building one of the world’s most versatile trails. From the high-alpine summit of Reco Peak at Retallack Lodge to the streams and forests of valley bottom, this dirt-and-callus-filled chronicle will showcase how trail construction brings people together as a team to create a unified vision—and some badass riding,” said Brandon Watts, president and publisher of Freehub Magazine. 

Maxxis’ staff is equally enthused about the project, according to Marketing Specialist Aaron Chamberlain: “Brandon from Freehub approached us last year with this idea for a mini-series on building a world-class trail, and we jumped on it because it seemed like a really unique project.  We’ve been eagerly following the project, and we’re really excited to be able to share it with everyone.  We’re also looking forward to getting up to Retallack Lodge to ride the trail!”

Catch a teaser for the series here: To learn more, and to view the series, visit

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