Maxxis’ Sponsorship Window Now Open

Maxxis’ 2014 sponsorship application period is now open. Through November 1, riders, teams and event organizers in ATV, bicycle and off-road motorcycle racing can apply for sponsorship in 2014.

Maxxis welcomes applications from participants at all levels, from amateur to pro. To apply, simply visit the appropriate link below and click the “Get Sponsored” tab. Download the official application form and follow all directions. Applications must be submitted via email along with race resumes or event proposals before November 1. All applicants will be notified of sponsorship status via email by November 22, 2013.

ATV: /sponsorship/atv/get-sponsored 

Bicycle: /sponsorship/bicycle/get-sponsored 

Off-Road Motorcycle: /sponsorship/motorcycle/get-sponsored 

Maxxis looks forward to another great year of competition, with racing’s best riders paired with the finest tires on the market. Be sure to visit and submit your application ASAP. Good luck!

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