ATV Testimonials

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Razr 2


I have been riding ATV's for about 17 years now, and I recently purchased my first set of 4 MAXXIS RAZR 2 tires for my Honda 450R. I just wanted to let everyone at MAXXIS know that I will never buy a tire that isn't MAXXIS ever again! Your tires are absolutely amazing! The RAZR 2 tires grab better than any tire I've ever owned! Whenever I get a new ATV the first thing going on it is a set of MAXXIS tires! If it's not to much to ask, could you guys send me some decals for my truck and ATV? I want everyone to know who makes the best tires out there!!
-Travis Varga

Razr TTs


I tried the Maxxis Razr TT tires at Astabula, Ohio, in the ATVA Extreme Nationals a couple weeks ago. The tires were GREAT, especially at the holeshot. These tires really hook-up on my LTR-450. Thanks!
-Joey Polak #12

M8008 ST Radial (Trailer), ATV & Mountain Bike tires


A quick note to say that we are a Maxxis customer for life. I was looking for a replacement tire for our 40ft 5th wheel. After looking for a few months I was pleased to find out that Maxxis had a replacement tire. I needed six and let me tell you that the ride is great. I feel safe knowing the Maxxis tire will help keep our trailer safe when driving and not put anyone on the roads at risk of harm do to failure and not have the blow outs like the factory ones kept doing.

So when I needed tires for my DS650 Maxxis came through again and I now ride at Glamis,Pismo,and the desert without ever changing the tire to paddles. Just adjust the air and no problems. So lastly I was today looking into tires for my mountian bike and was so excited to find Maxxis makes tires for it as well. If the way the tires on my other toys are any indacation of how great they will be I cant wait to get them and hit BigBear and other local trails.

Thanks for a great product and keep up the great quality. You have our family for life. Regards
-Steve Frazier

Have a Testimonial you'd like to share? Enter it here. Remember to include the type of tire used!