My dealer told me my Maxxis Light Tires have "MTS." It sounded good, but what does that really mean for me?


MTS stands for Maxxis Triple Shield, which is offered on all Maxxis Radial Light Truck Tires with 8-ply and 10-ply ratings. It means these tires have a true 3-ply sidewall construction. The industry norm and almost all competitive products only have 2-ply sidewalls. MTS helps resist sidewall punctures while providing a stiffer, more durable tire

I’ve heard Maxxis has a Light Truck tire designed for extreme off-road use. What is it called and can it be used on and off the road?


You are correct. This "off-road" Light Truck tire is called the M8090 Creepy Crawler. The rugged tread pattern provides agile and controlled steering, even for competition rock crawling. This tire is available to the public and is DOT approved, making it "street legal."

I was looking at your MT-753 Light Truck Radial Mud Terrain tire. It has a great looking tread design. What else can you tell me about that tire?


The MT-753 features open shoulder lugs that provide exceptional self-cleaning capability. In addition, it has two tough steel belts for long lasting wear, enhanced puncture resistance, and uniformity.

As an added bonus, the MT-753 also has our special jointless, spiral-wrapped, full nylon cap, improving stability and aiding overall strength. This tire is available in many sizes and sidewall styles.

I use a small fleet of 3/4-ton light trucks in my plumbing business. Does Maxxis have a tire that would give me good mileage and handle the load?


The UE-168 is Maxxis’ commercial highway tire, featuring double steel belts for long-lasting wear and uniformity. The extra heavy sidewall construction in the UE-168 delivers responsive handling under demanding commercial applications

I purchased four Maxxis MA-1’s for my car. The dealer I purchased them from told me that these tires have a 60,000 mile warranty. Is that true?


Yes. As the original purchaser you are entitled to the benefit of a 60,000 mile limited mileage warranty. Please refer to the Maxxis Limited Warranty brochure for complete details.

Does Maxxis produce High Performance tires?


Yes. Maxxis is considered an excellent quality producer of several High Performance and Ultra High Performance tire products such as the MA-V1 and MA-Z1.

Maxxis tires are tested meticulously throughout every stage of design and production, in all conceivable conditions. The equipment we use for designing and manufacturing tires ranks us among the industry’s finest and most advanced.

Please refer to your local Maxxis dealer for their performance tire recommendation.

Can you give me some information on what sets Maxxis apart from some other tire brands? Why are yours better?


There are several things Maxxis offers that most competitive products do not. Just to highlight a few:

Maxxis tires have spiral jointless nylon caps in the tread area to provide structural uniformity and high speed durability.

Maxxis uses a silica based compounding to provide excellent wet and dry traction. We also build in a special rim protector that helps safeguard wheels against curb impacts.

We continually test and evaluate our products, even after they reach the market.