Automotive Testimonials

Automotive Testimonials

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Maxxis Bighorns

I have purchased 3 sets of the Maxxis Bighorns over the years and have purchased my fourth today. Also my girlfriend runs the Bighorns on her truck. We love them they are fairly priced, last extremely long for a mud terrain, also balance quick and easily, and ride great on the street. They were the first mud terrains I ever purchased and they will be the last. I swear they ride better than my father's ltx's. Please keep up the great job and never stop making the Bighorns!
-John Talley


Maxxis Bighorn MT-762

Bighorn 2010web A driver in Australia reports that he is planning to ride his Maxxis Bighorn MT-762 radial tires for an estimated 100,000 kilometers.

As an electrician and refrigeration mechanic, Bob Stokes travels frequently to rural areas, and he has already driven his Bighorns for 80,000 kilometers, as reported in Australia’s 4WD Action magazine. Stokes told the publication that he expects to drive for another 20,000 kilometers on the same set of tires before replacing them. “To get 100,000 km out of a set of mud tires is great,” he told 4WD Action. “I’m also happy with the size of the tires. They are big enough to get me where I want to go without making the engine struggle on take-off.”


Maxxis Buckshot Tires

Just wanted to take minute to tell you guys that I tried a set of ur tires (buckshots) on my F-150 two yrs ago and I love them they wear nice and got me through conditions I really didn't think a on/off road tire could. I like them so much that I'll be buying another set for my F-150 again and a set for my ford ranger. now I've used ur tires in the past but on my atv (razors). I now know no matter what you put them on they bite down hard. and just to let you know I used to be a BFGoodrich guy when it came to my trucks. not any more. thanks for an all around great LT tire.
-Joe Brzozowski


Maxxis BigHorns

I just wanted to stop by and say thank you Maxxis for making a good tire that is not expensive! I have a set of Maxxis Bighorn's in 285/75/16 on my 2001 Silverado and i have put these tires through hell in the one year/10K miles they've been on and they still have alot of tread left! They work real good in mud,sand, and snow. The tread pattern is really good and the road hum is not bad at all! Keep up the good work!


Maxxis BigHorns

I just bought a set of the 27x8.5 Bighorns for my Subaru and I love them! Amazing tire On and Off the road, I can climb a snow bank in 2WD unlike before with my BFGoorich All-Terrain KOs. Who needs 4WD when you have Maxxis on your side. Thanks again for making outstanding tires!
-Thomas Draeger


Maxxis BigHorns

Maxxis bighorn mud terrains. I purchased a set of 285-70/17's with rims. the usual mud tire hum is unnoticed by my wife and myself. these are mounted on a 03 chevy duramax with a level kit, last week i went where there were no roads. in mud and sandy ditches. this week it snowed for two days, 10 inches of snow and snow packed icy roads...these tires are AWESOME!! no slides, never lost neighbors popular AT's were stuck. i highly recomend these tires, i will buy them again.
-Morvyn Clark


Maxxis BigHorn MT-762 tires

Hey Maxxis... i just wanted to take a moment to say how much I love your BigHorn MT-762 tires. I have been running these tires (285/75R16) for almost 2yrs on my 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser SE. Whether I am driving to work everyday or hitting the trails on the weekends, they have performed flawlessly. I am almost up to 20k miles on them now and they still have a respectable amount of tread left for a Mud Terrain tire. Great Job!
-Roger Paradis


Maxxis Big Horn Tires Update

Bighorn 2010I said I'd keep you updated on the Big Horns performance. They continue to amaze me still. We got our first winter snow storm so I decided to hit a local trail to see how they did. FLAWLESS!! All I got to say. Sliding (when both going downhill, or on off camber terrain) was minimal no nonexistent. Very predictable and easy to control. Tire spin seemed to only happen on wet wood. It was a great time with no issues of getting stuck. Snow was anywhere from 8" - 13" of fresh powder depending on tree coverage. Never had to chain up.
-Rick Wilson


Maxxis Big Horn Tires

I just bought my first set of 5 Maxxis Big Horn tires. I've always been a "super swamper" guy. Maxxis by far produces the most drivable tire I have ever used!!! I've wheeled with guys running BFG's, Cooper's, Good year's... all that crap. Maxxis is where its at!! Thanks for the great product!!
-Rick Wilson


Buckshot Mudders

I am a big fan of the Buckshot Mudders, I have had several sets over the years and have never been disapointed. These tires offer great traction and wear characteristics.

I have used these tires mainly in MUD but recently while on a trip to the Pacific North West I had a chance to do some wheelin in the mountains which was mostly trail riding in which we encountered Rocks, Mud and Snow, there was three vehicles, mine was the only one on Buckshots but by the end of the day the other two guys were saying that the next tires they buy would be Buckshots. I did a lot of winching that day but never for self recovery, my truck was constantly the one that would climb up an obstacle and then serve as a winch anchor to get the other guys up.

My tires work amazingly well, pretty much anywhere I pointed them they went.
-Mark McMakin

4wd Tires

100,000 kms on Australia dirt and still going.

2 years ago I brought a set of Maxxis 4wd tyres for $150 each as opposed to the previous Dunlop brand at $275 each. Every day we travel 140 kms on bitumen and 60 kms on rough dirt.

Recently I went back to tyre shop at 100,000 kms to replace the tyres and the salesman informed me that I would likely have another 10,000 or so kms before the tyres need replacing. How's that! And no I don't drive like a grandmother.

From the previous Dunlop brand I only got 80,000 kms. There is a marketing story in this. We're amazed and so should be the Australia public. Come & see our roads I suspect you'll be amazed too.

A great tyre at a great price. I couldn't be happier. Well done Maxxis!
-Phil Gorrell

M8008 ST Radial (Trailer), ATV & Mountain Bike tires

A quick note to say that we are a Maxxis customer for life. I was looking for a replacement tire for our 40ft 5th wheel. After looking for a few months I was pleased to find out that Maxxis had a replacement tire. I needed six and let me tell you that the ride is great. I feel safe knowing the Maxxis tire will help keep our trailer safe when driving and not put anyone on the roads at risk of harm do to failure and not have the blow outs like the factory ones kept doing.

So when I needed tires for my DS650 Maxxis came through again and I now ride at Glamis,Pismo,and the desert without ever changing the tire to paddles. Just adjust the air and no problems. So lastly I was today looking into tires for my mountian bike and was so excited to find Maxxis makes tires for it as well. If the way the tires on my other toys are any indacation of how great they will be I cant wait to get them and hit BigBear and other local trails.

Thanks for a great product and keep up the great quality. You have our family for life. Regards
-Steve Frazier

MT-754 Buckshot Mudder

I just wanted to say thank you for making such a quality product. I have had the same set of buckshots for going on 3 years now and they still look brand new, and I drive my truck everyday, so I will continue to buy maxxis products for as long as I drive a truck, and I will buy atv tires from you as well, thank you.
-Timothy Jahr

MA-751 Bravo Series

Wishing you and Maxxis Tyres SA a wonderful year in 2009 and to thank you for getting me on to Maxxis Bravo 751 tyres.
We have just completed a 6500 kilometer off-road trip to the Namib, Kalahari and Kgalagadi in a Fortuner D4D 3000 4x4 and what an amazing trip it turned out to be.
Not knowing what to expect from the ‘Bravos’ I went prepared to do any
repairs as would normally be expected, and to my surprise we never had
a single flat which can only be described as unbelievable. Given the terrain
and “roads” we traveled. I was astounded by the excellent handling on sand with a very loaded vehicle and tyre pressures at 1.6 bar. I never needed to reduce pressure below this and on mixed surfaces we operated quite comfortably at 1.8 bar. These tyres were equally at home on poor graveled surfaces at 2.3 bar under heavy load. The same pressure I used on tarmac. Road noise was surprisingly low at these pressures at all speeds up to 140km and I am extremely happy with the equipment you have supplied me.
One often only hears about the mishaps and bad news and it is very satisfying to have a product that I can unreservedly recommend to any-one. Thanking you for your excellent product and service in getting these tyres to me.
- Paul Hansen

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