Automotive/Light Truck Racing 101

Maxxis' automotive division supports a variety of auto and light truck sports, with sponsored teams and drivers using products ranging from 40" extreme off-road tires to low-profile Z-rated products. Continually expanding its involvement in off-road racing, Maxxis sponsors numerous rock crawling teams and series, and up-and-coming off-road racing team, several off-road series, and a drifting series.


An extreme sport, drifting involves maintaining control of a vehicle while using various sliding techniques to negotiate turns on a pre-determined course. Competitions can be held on streets or tracks. Drivers qualify by achieving high entry speeds and high entry angles while maintaining a proper racing line. Top-16 competition consists of two vehicles competing side by side, while the driver in the following car tries to stay as close as possible to the lead car.


Rules for drifting can be found at the following links:



    While a general list of drifing slang is difficult to locate on the web, a few terms are defined below:
    • SR20DET- Japanese domestic market engine in the 240SX.
    • AE86- Toyota chassis code for the 1984-1987 RWD Corolla.
    • Tandem- Side-by-side drifting competition, usually reserved for the Top16 and higher rounds.
    • Clipping point- Critical junctures in a course. Drivers who are early, late, or wide will receive a lower score.

    Maxxis Tires Used

    Maxxis MA-Z1 Drift tires are used. They offer excellent grip, long life, and even wear. These tires will perform well over varying heat ranges, and also offer consistent grip throughout their wear life.

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    Off-Road Racing

    Maxxis' off-road tires go everywhere in competition: from a closed short track, to 500 and 1000-mile open-road courses through western deserts, Maxxis is the brand of off-road champions. Drivers in all types of off-road racing compete to finish in the fastest time.


    Rules for the CORR series can be obtained for a $10.00 fee by calling (317) 272-2827. CORR's licensed members receive a CORR Rule Book with membership. Rules for the SCORE series can be obtained for a $20.00 fee by clicking the "Rules" link at Rules for Best in the Desert (Maxxis is the Official Tire of Best in the Desert) can be found at . And rules for World Series Off-Road Racing can be found at .

    Maxxis Tires Used

    The Bighorn (MT-762) offers outstanding traction, along with superior puncture resistance. The Buckshot Mudder (MT-754) boasts an extremely aggressive tread pattern as well as a rugged sidewall in order to handle even the most extreme terrain. The Trepador Radial (M8060) provides excellent traction and handling stability, and the MT-753 Bravo is specially designed to maximize traction and provide stability off-road.

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    Rock Crawling

    Described as the fastest growing motorsport in the world, rock crawling involves driving 4WD vehicles in an extreme manner through a pre-determined course.

    While individual series vary slightly, the main points are as follows: drivers must complete a pre-determined course within a specified time. Vehicles must stay within cones when navigating the course, and teams which hit cones are penalized. Teams accrue points with each penalty, and the team with the lowest score wins. Backing up and stopping for too long a period are also among the actions which can result in penalties. Courses usually present anywhere from six to ten obstacles. Typically, at least two classes, Super Modified and Modified, will compete in any contest. The two categories are distinguished by the type of chassis and tires on the vehicle: Modified usually runs slightly OE chassis with 37" tires, while Super Modified runs completely custom chassis and 40" tires. The stock class runs 35" tires.


    Rules for the W.E. ROCK series can be found at the following link:

    Rules for the XRRA Rock Racing can be found at:

    Maxxis Tires Used

    The Creepy Crawler 40x13.50-17 and 35x12.50-15 offer serious traction even on the worst terrain, and are durable enough to handle the roughest course. The Trepador 40x13.50-17 and 37x12.50-17 provide durability and control in any weather, while still providing excellent braking and driving performance.

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