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Maxxcross Desert IT's


I really like the Maxxis Desert IT rear tires. I currently run them on my 2004 Honda CR250R and 2008 KTM 300XC with fantastic results. I ride off-road in sand with some intermediate type dirt and a small amount of fire-roading. These tires wear very well. They start at 22/32" and I replace at about 16/32" which is about 50 to 60 hours (@1250 to 1300 miles). I tried the regular IT version, but I had excessive shoulder knob tearing. The Desert version seems softer and more forgiving. The best part is the traction stays quite consistent until replacement...most tires loose effectiveness after a couple of rides then seem to wear slowly driving you nuts until replacing.
- Jeff Brock

Maxxcross Desert IT's


Don't want to take up alot of your time, but just want to thank everyone at Maxxis tires for a job well done. I have a 110 x 100 x 18 Maxx Cross Desert IT tire on a KTM 300 EXC. Its been on that bike for 5 years, I've set up sections for two national enduros, and two east coast enduro events. The terrain is very rocky and nasty ! And when I ride there is usually not even a trail there so you can imagine what that tire has been through.
- Bob Hostetter

Maxxis IT's


Just wanted to let you know who I am and how your tires have done. I race the SCORE series races to include the San Felipe 250, Ensenada 500, and the Baja 1000. We strictly use the Maxxis IT tire both front and rear. We normally carry five sets of tires per race in the Baja. The funny thing is that the 1000 was the only time we switched tires due to an axle issue but the tire was still in very good shape. This month(saturday the 5th) we head down to Mexico to pre-run for the Score Baja 250. We pre-run Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Rider check in is thursday, contingency is friday and Saturday the 13th is RACE DAY! Wish us luck. SHOC Racing. Look at our website at We sure could use some support with Tires for the TEAM!!!! Thanks Oscar Fazz Rider of Record SHOC Racing Team Captain.... Get SHOC'd in the Baja!!!
- Oscar Fazz

Maxxcross SI's


Just wanted to say thank you for all Maxxis does to support the GNCC. I have received checks from Maxxis under your sponsorship. I also received a tire from Maxxis at the Mideast Banquet (nice surprise). Maxxis tires work great for me - I use the SI's per the recommendation of the guys and the track. Again BIG THANKS for your cash and tire support and especially for being at the races. I hate changing tires and love having you guys change them.
- Michael Lyon

Maxxis 7304/7305's


I have been an avid off roader for 44 years. The last 15 years I have used Dunlop tires on my dirtbikes. Prior to our annual 4 day Thanksgiving ride in Randsberg Ca. in 2008, I installed Maxxis 7304/7305 tires on my 2008 KX 450. I am still running the tires today. The Maxxis tires work extremely well with maximun traction and the tires have lasted much longer than I expected. Maxxis tires have proven to be an excellent choice for all of my dirtbikes. I will be replacing the tires soon with another set of Maxxis tires. Thank you!
- Donny Hopkins



I wanted to make sure you knew how much my wife and I love your dirt track tires. I’ve race the Hill 16 times and the she has raced it twice. Maxxis tires really work well on both the pavement and dirt. To go fast on the mountain you must have 100% confidence in your tires.
-Kevin Magner

M6006 Dual Sport


Dear Maxxis, Last week, I installed a set of Maxxis M6006 Dual Sport tires on my 1993 Suzuki DR 350. It's an older bike, but it runs like a champ and has never let me down. Being unemployed, I'm not able to buy anything newer, and my DR is a great way to get out and relax. As people who ride know, a motorcycle is the best therapy! Eager to try out my new tires, I planned a long Labor Day ride with my three riding buddies, Mike, Neil and Tom. We live in Southern Arizona where there are lots of desert trails to ride, with terrain ranging from hard packed dirt to whooped out sandy washes to loose, rocky climbs, and paved roads to link trails. 39 miles into our ride, my rear tire went flat, a result of a pinched tube. After a can of tire sealant and a couple of CO2 cartridges, it was evident the tube wasn't going to hold any air. We were literally miles from nowhere and I had to make a choice: continue the ride in the direction we were headed or turn back. Neil commented on how stiff the sidewalls of the tire were and Mike said if it were up to him, he'd finish the ride. That sounded like a challenge to me, so I decided to ride on. At first, I took it easy on the rear tire, but after a few miles, it was evident the tire was holding up. We rode some of the gnarliest, nastiest terrain I've ridden in a long time, and thanks to the durable construction and stiff sidewalls, I was able to finish the ride and make it home, putting 132 miles on a tire with ZERO air pressure. My friends were all amazed at how the tire held. Maxxis made three new customers (and a repeat customer!) that day. I even posted pictures from the ride on my Facebook page and praised Maxxis tires for being so great. Thank you for building such a high quality, durable tire. Maxxis got me home that day and helped make for a memorable ride. As soon as I can save some extra cash, I'm going to buy a new tube and get my bike back on the trail!
-Christopher Reynolds



I wanted to make sure you knew how much my wife and I love your dirt track tires. I’ve race the Hill 16 times and the she has raced it twice. Maxxis tires really work well on both the pavement and dirt. To go fast on the mountain you must have 100% confidence in your tires.
-Kevin Magner

Maxxcross IT


I have had the rear tire now for about 1 year and it still is in good condition. I ride all over MI and have raced this tire twice and it works good in all conditions. Once the bike was buried in mud up to the seat and with a big roost of mud she pulled right out of it and went right into the the next bit of water.

The front works wonders a round the burms no slipige or wear.
-Thomas Lowe

Maxxis Supermaxx


I was a die hard pirelli diablo customer until i was out riding and after 5000 miles needing a new tire, and short on cash that day...stopped in my local shop and told them that i wanted a high milage/great gripping tire...ended up with the supermaxx on my 2005 r6...pirelli couldnt GIVE me their tires now....AWESOME all around tire....i have put 8000 miles on this set with no need to change them anytime soon....gonna get two seasons out of them.
-Rob Kilgore



I really love this tire. I run a Suzuki DR650SE. The stock tires where crap when it came to off-roading. After burning the first one up i went looking for something better for off-roading. I ran across this tire and put it on the back. It feels like a whole different bike now. I do a lot of off-roading. Everything from trail riding to playing in the mud. This tire tuck everything I threw at it. I have never seen any other dual purpose tire do so good in the mud. It never got stuck.
-Brad Ward

Maxxis Supermaxx


These tires are great. Other brands have only lasted between 5-7000km on my CBR1000F, but I managed to get 13,000 out of the rear and 19,000 out of the front!

Grip was excellent in both the wet & dry. Cold grip was especially great. Has a great profile that gives confidence at all lean angles and a tread pattern that resists scalloping.
-Rob Bessell

Maxxcross IT


Here in Missouri I race a winter off-road series,This is the best wearing tire I have ever used. All the other brands I used would be chunked up to the point of not even looking like a tire, after 2 rounds. Middle of last season I put on a set of Maxxis IT tires,they survived three races easily,one of which the high temp for the day was 22 degrees. The same tires survived all summer play riding.Ijust installed my new set for the upcoming season. BEST TIRE MONEY CAN BUY.
-Brent Walters

Maxxcross IT Desert


I just wore out this tire after 7 months of riding motocross every weekend. Switched it out to a Maxxcross SX rear tire and put one ride on it and love it. Of course, as with all maxxis tires. Awesome feedback and even though this tire is for IT to Hard pack, I let some air out, for the fresh track watering and it still performed. I have a Maxxis 6001 in the front and it is also I great tire. Seems like any combo I can come up with works at the track. Thanks, maxxis for the great tires. I only use you guys cause bang for the buck, you can't beat a maxxis tire and the performance is outstanding.
-Rick Snyder

Maxxis Classic M6011


I want to thank the Maxxis Company for providing such a reliable product. Recently while on a road trip my rear tire which I have had for seven years and 11,000 mile later gave out. If it had not been for the tire staying together and the side walls holding up and protecting my rim, you would not be receiving this grateful testimonial. I want to thank you again for a reliable and save product that possibly saved my life.
-James Beverly

Maxxis Classic M6011


I am amazed at the versatility of this tire. Pavement, hard-pack, gravel, sand: these tires are gluey and predictable. Sure, if you travel 3200 km on mostly pavement (Edmonton Alberta to Vacouver British Columbia, and back)you will see substantial wear on the rear tire's center line knobbies. Not really much of a surprise there, but what is suprising is how this tire sticks in such a wide variety of conditions, and really sticks too. Once, after it had just started to rain, I felt a little wiggle in the back as I navigated a paved corner, but even that was controllable and a testament to the excellent work that went into designing and manufacturing this product. Good work and thanks!
-Sean Gray

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