The bead component of the tire is a non-extensible composite loop that anchors the body plies and locks the tire onto the wheel assembly so that it will not slip or rock the rim. The tire bead component includes the steel wire loop, apex or bead filler; the chafer, which protects the wire bead components; the chipper, which protects the lower sidewall; and the flipper, which helps hold the bead in place. The bead wire loop is made from a continuous steel wire covered by rubber and wound around with several continuous loops. The bead filler is made from a very hard rubber compound, which is extruded so as to form a wedge. The bead wire loop and bead filler are assembled on a sophisticated machine.

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The precision of the bead circumference is critical. If too small, tire mounting can be a problem; but if too loose, the tire can come off the rim too easily under loading and cornering conditions. After the circumference is checked, the bead component is ready for the tire building operation.