Finally, the tire is ready to be built by a highly robotized machine which ensures quality and efficiency. All components—bead assemblies, calendered plies, belts and innerliner, tread and sidewall sections—are assembled and the building process begins.

Tech -how -to -building

A typical radial tire is built on a flat drum in a two-stage process. In the first stage, the innerliner is wrapped around a drum and the first body ply is wrapped on top, followed by the second body ply. The bead assemblies are then positioned, and a bladder on the drum is inflated and pushed in from both ends of the drum, forcing the body plies to turn up to cover the bead assemblies. The sidewall sections then are pressed onto both sides.

In the second stage of the tire building process, another machine is used to apply the belts, nylon cap, and tread on top of the first stage. At this point, the tire still needs curing because there is no tread pattern on it.