Razr MX

A versatile motocross tread pattern available in racing compounds provides predictable all-around performance on the track.

  • Rounded shoulder knobs offer the rider predictable sliding characteristics
  • Compound is formulated specifically for ATV MX racing applications
  • Maxxis' proprietary #397 soft compound is designed for optimal traction in hardpack race conditions. Rears available in 2pr (SYHP) and 4PR (#397)

The Razr MX tire sets the bar for ATV motocross racing, with rounded shoulder knobs to control sliding and a specially formulated compound for superior grip.

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Tire Size Load Speed Rating
Rim Size (in) 8
AT18X10-8 M932 2PR TL RAZR MX (SYHP) NHS AT18X10-8 (SYHP) -
AT18X10-8 M932 2PR TL RAZR MX NHS AT18X10-8 -
AT18X10-8 M932 4PR TL RAZR MX #397 NHS AT18X10-8 (#397) -
Rim Size (in) 9
AT18X10-9 M932 2PR TL RAZR MX AT18X10-9 -
Rim Size (in) 10
AT19X6-10 M931 4PR TL RAZR MX NHS AT19X6-10 -
AT20X6-10 M931 4PR TL RAZR MX AT20X6-10 -

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