Welter Weight

.80 mm thick walls

  • 0.80 mm thick walls
  • Presta & Schrader valves
  • Presta valve with RVC is Removable Valve Core
  • Puncture resistant

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Size Valve Type Weight (g) Color
Rim Size 20
20X1.90/2.125 PRESTA RVC 121 Black
Rim Size 26
26X1.90/2.125 PRESTA 161 Black
26X1.90/2.125 PRESTA RVC 161 Black
26X2.2/2.5 PRESTA RVC 205 Black
Rim Size 27.5
27.5 X1.9/2.35 PRESTA 191 Black
27.5X1.90/2.35 PRESTA RVC 190 Black
27.5X1.90/2.35 PRESTA 48MM RVC 191 Black
27.5X1.50/1.75 PRESTA 48MM RVC 144 Black
27.5X1.50/1.75 PRESTA RVC 137 Black
27.5 X2.2/2.5 PRESTA 222 Black
27.5X2.2/2.5 PRESTA RVC 221 Black
Rim Size 29
29X1.90/2.35 PRESTA 200 Black
29X1.90/2.35 PRESTA RVC 177 Black
29X1.90/2.35 PRESTA 48MM RVC 171 Black
29X1.9/2.35 SCHRADER 48MM 180 Black
Rim Size 700
700X18/25C SCHRADER 48MM 86 Black
700X18/25,27X7/8-1" PRESTA 48MM RVC 84 Black
700X18/25,27X7/8-1" PRESTA 60MM RVC 85 Black
700X28/32C SCHRADER 48MM 128 Black
700X25/32 27X7/8-1 PRESTA 48MM RVC 95 Black
700X25/32 27X7/8-1 PRESTA 60MM RVC 96 Black
700X35/45,27X1 3/8-1 3/4" PRESTA RVC 127 Black

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