08 May 2015

Maxxis is assisting relief efforts for victims of the tragic earthquake near Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu. The 7.8 quake is known to have killed nearly 8,000 people and injured more than 16,000. The United Nations estimates that 8 million people in Nepal have been affected by the disaster, a figure that includes families of staff members from Maxxis’ Nepalese distributor.

The company has set up a donation fund allowing its employees and distributors around the world, known within the company as the “Maxxis family,” to contribute to those in need. Funds are targeted to affected staff members of Maxxis’ Nepalese distributors, along with others within the company’s network of tire dealers who have suffered losses due to the quake.

Maxxis would like to express its deepest sympathy to all those who have lost loved ones, homes and possessions due to this tragic event. The company urges everyone to do as much as possible for the victims who must live with the aftermath.

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